All workers deserve dignity and justice.

The Migrants Resource Centre Canada is a registered non-profit migrant service institution which aims to empower workers through service, information and advocacy
Education and Training

Education to develop capacity of people's movements and workers associations.

Information and Referral

Free, up to date information about labour, immigration and social services.

Research and Advocacy

Partnership with various institutions to advance the plight of workers and our clients

Latest Stories

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Season’s Greetings
It has been a challenging year. A lot of things have happened in 2020 but we are still here, thriving. We would like to thank you for your support. As the new year comes,…
Instructional Video on How to Navigate Zoom
The Migrants Resource Centre Canada created an instructional video on how to use the Zoom App on your cellphone in Filipino/Tagalog. Disclaimer: This video shows instructions using an iPhone and may look different to…