Advocacy and Campaign Workshop

Recap of workshop that took place on December 21st, 2019 Happy holidays! December was festive and fun as we celebrated the holidays by playing games in addition to learning and empowering participants through our Advocacy and Campaign workshop. This workshop focused on teaching and empowering migrant workers on how to be community leaders, as well as how to build their networks and effectively communicate their demands towards a better recognition… Read More »Advocacy and Campaign Workshop

How Can Migrant Workers Impact Government Policies?

Recap on the workshop that took place on November 9th, 2019 The Canadian political system can be confusing for those who recently arrived in the country. Yet knowing where to direct your grievance is crucial for running a successful advocacy campaign. The purpose of this workshop was to educate migrants and newcomers about how the Canadian political system works through different levels of government so they can better mobilize and… Read More »How Can Migrant Workers Impact Government Policies?

Workshop: Writing for Empowerment

Free IMPACT Volunteer-Training Session WRITING FOR EMPOWERMENT Saturday, November 23, 201910:00 AM – 5:00 PMMRCC Office2482 Dufferin Street Toronto, ON M6B 3R1 The role of community leaders is to communicate their ideas to a broad audience. Crafting an effective piece of writing could assist greatly in this process, but for those who don’t have academic background or prior experience in writing, this can be a daunting task. Moreover, writing is… Read More »Workshop: Writing for Empowerment

Celebrate All Victories, Even Small Ones, And Build On Them

IMPACT Participants’ Reflections on the Workshop on Migrants’ Rights to Health& Well-being I am very glad that I got to attend MRCC workshop on migrants’ well-being and access to healthcare. I think considering how many people in Toronto actually don’t have a status or have a precarious status, it’s the topic that everyone should be interested in. Canada prides itself to have universal healthcare. But to whom this healthcare is… Read More »Celebrate All Victories, Even Small Ones, And Build On Them

Temporary Foreign Workers’ Rights Discussed Ahead of Canada’s Federal Elections

Repost from Balitang America. Published by Christine Santos “We just want to work here… we just want to help our family back home!” This Filipina temporary foreign worker represents the plight of many who are reportedly exploited by unscrupulous employers. These low-skilled workers move from the Philippines to Canada, hoping for better jobs — only to fall prey to fraudulent recruiters and immigration consultants who caused them to lose their… Read More »Temporary Foreign Workers’ Rights Discussed Ahead of Canada’s Federal Elections