Statement on the Ontario government’s plan to develop a “portable benefits” system

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The Migrants Resource Centre Canada welcomes the Ontario government’s announcement to develop a “portable benefits” system for workers with no coverage. We believe healthcare should be afforded to all workers, especially those who work part time and work in precarious conditions.

However, we remain critical of the implementation and the timing of this plan. 

Under COVID, the need for healthcare is much more pronounced and should have been a key priority of any government especially in the beginning of the pandemic. 

We are also mindful that this plan is still being conceptualized and the final plan will be released right after the election. 

We believe this should be released as soon as possible to address the urgent health repercussions of working amid a pandemic – such as job loss and loss of income. 

It is in the interest of the workers that the appointed advisory panel should directly consult with workers and grassroots workers’ organizations.

From mental health challenges to exploitative labour practices, it is crucial that workers’ demands are met during and beyond COVID-19. There is a lot of work and this is a step towards the right direction addressing the rights of workers! 

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