2022 International Working Women’s Day

On this International Working Women’s Day, MRCC affirms our commitment to serving migrant mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters across Canada. You have remained persistent and steadfast in the face of injustice and exploitation amidst a pandemic. 

A 2019 UN International Migration Report found that women and girls make up almost 50% of 272 million international migrants. Migrants serve as the backbone of food production and service, social and care work, and the health workforce.

Throughout the pandemic, MRCC directly served women care and farm workers who experienced long, unpredictable hours, unpaid overtime wages, and workplace exploitation. We see the hardships of women migrant workers, but we also see your desire for a better tomorrow – free of exploitation and oppression. The experiences of our clients and women migrant workers at large further strengthen MRCC’s resolve to improve the lives of migrant and immigrant workers by advancing their rights and dignity. Collectively, we will overcome obstacles and strive for a better future for all women migrant workers.

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